Water Resistant Garden Cushions

Do you wish you could be as comfortable outside as you are inside of your home? Then it could be time to invest in water resistant garden cushions in order to create a space that’s not just plush and cosy, but stylish too. Many people purchase cushions for the outdoors from our online store. At Botanical Cushions, we sell a range of luxury cushions which have been inspired by beautiful natural photography and are guaranteed to add style and elegance to your garden.

No Need to Move Them Indoors

Our garden cushions feature a range of exciting images that pay tribute to the beauty of nature. Designs include Acacia thorns and Kalanchoe; Equisetum with Dragonfly; and Hydrangea and Melianthus, amongst many others. They are printed of waterproof fabric, which means that the cushions don’t need to be quickly moved inside once you feel a drop of rain. Whether you’re buying these stunning cushions for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you can rest assured that they’ll be greatly received. Browse our website to take a closer look at our water resistant garden cushions.

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