The last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Lots of media attention and catching a peek of a close up of my cushions.

The main focus has been due to the inclusion of my double sided weather resistant outdoor cushions at RHS Chelsea 2017.

Manoj Malde from Couture Gardens designed a beautiful Silver Gilt winning garden for the Fresh category at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Entitled ‘Beneath a Mexican Sky’ this vibrant, outstanding garden was one of the highlights of the show.

Watch this short video clip from the BBC coverage of the show. Hear Manoj explain his thoughts behind the design.

Beneath a Mexican Sky – video


Cushions featured –


Pink Camellia (back)

Pink Osteospermum

Pink Osteospermum (front)

Orange Aloe ferox

Orange Aloe ferox (front)


Purple Lotus (back)

On the Sunday before Press Day I was privileged to be able to see this garden. So excited to eventually see this design and drawing become an outstanding show garden. Admitidley I was a little emotional at seeing my cushions adorning the seat on the garden. It is incredibly incredibly exciting every time I catch a close up of my cushions on the television or in newspaper or magazine. Receiving such positive feedback helps in surviving this difficult journey of launching from scratch, a new business.

It has been and will remain an incredible journey but in the words of Norma Desmond…

“Alright Mr Demille, I’m ready for my close up”

Gloria Swanson – Sunset Boulevard

Summer is here - Verbena bonariensis

Busy as the bees

Summer is here

Summer is here and an abundance of activity is happening in our gardens. The opulent colours of spring and summer replace the colours of winter. Bees are busy collecting nectar and pollen, cleverly pollinating our plants.

The biggest sign that Summer is here, is when many garden enthusiasts, garden designers and retailers busy themselves preparing for the season’s biggest gardening event. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 

I do not have a trade stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year however, I am excited that my cushions will be featured on the Fresh Garden, Beneath a Mexican Sky designed by Manoj Malde. Good luck to Manoj, fingers crossed for a Gold!!

Press Activity

Summer is here for me when I start seeing my beautiful double sided weather resistant cushions popping up in various magazine articles. The past months have been busy with mentions in many publications:

Surrey Homes – May 2017

Let’s go Outside

Summer is here

Red Poppy, Pink Peony, Green Agave

Garden Answers – Chelsea Special 2017

Get the Chelsea Look

Summer is here

Yellow Helichrysum

Woman&Home – June 2017

Get the look

Summer is here

Pink Camellia

Prima – June 2017

Give your garden Wow

Summer is here

Pink Osteospermum


Summer is here

Red Poppy

A date for your diary – WEDNESDAY 9th AUGUST 2000hrs ITV

The Love Your Garden team approached me last year for a cushion for a garden transformation. If you watch closely on this episode, you may catch a glimpse of the Red Poppy double sided cushion…


“bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” Ray Bradbury.

Pantone release key colour for Spring 2017


Pantone has produced their forecast of the trending colours for Spring 2017. Coming just on the heels of New York Fashion week. There are 10 key colours identified.

Key colours to look out for –

Spring 2017

Pink Yarrow        Pantone 17-2034 TCX

Hazelnut              Pantone 14-1315 TCX

Kale                       Pantone 18-01017 TCX

Greenery              Pantone 15-0343 TCX

Pale Dogwood     Pantone 13-1404 TCX

Island Paradise   Pantone 14-4620 TCX

Flame                    Pantone 17-1462.TCX

Lapis Blue            Pantone 19-4045 TCX

Primrose Yellow Pantone 13-0755 TCX

Niagara                 Pantone 17-4123 TCX

These colours will all be appearing next year in both clothing and accessories as either bold statement pieces or accents.

Our bold botanic prints appear on waterproof fabric. Creating luxurious cushions which are robust enough to be weather resistant when used outside. Soft enough to bring indoors and use all year round.

Shop here for Indoor and Outdoor Weather Resistant Cushions, in key colours to help keep you on trend.

” Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are going”



It’s a Wrap for our weather resistant garden cushions

Select luxury weather resistant garden cushions from Botanical Cushions. We will process your order promptly. On receipt of your packing note our dispatch department spring into action.

We hand-wrap each order. Ensuring that your purchase of our contemporary cushions reach you in perfect condition.

Using Parcelforce48 we aim to have your purchase to you within 3-5 days of your order.

weather resistant garden cushions

From us to you…

Check out our unique Botanical Print Cushions.

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Outdoor cushions featured in July press

July Summer Press - Wealden Times

Protea and Protea Leaf

July Summer Press - Good Housekeeping

Osteospermum & Paeonia

July Summer Press kicks off start to summer.

It’s a strange old world we live in when time appears to fly through so quickly. Summer magazines have started to appear and the weather has slightly improved. Yet, we have already celebrated Midsummer Day.

I’m counting down to my summer holidays, yet my phone is apparently counting down to Christmas (apparently only 177 days as I write this).

Like most people, I have survived the wet June. Watching Wimbledon now says ‘summer’ and looking forward to lazing and spending time in the garden.

Of course, of all the things to be looking forward to this summer, the release of the new Absolutely Fabulous Movie, is high on my list. Loved this teaser clip and hope that the movie lives up to it.

There is so much going on all around us at the moment, politically and economically it’s good to be able to isolate yourself for a little time. Don’t be afraid to disappear for a moment. Read your favourite magazine, watch a feel good movie, sit amongst the beauty of your garden. Whatever, just enjoy the moment for how ever long you can. We cannot stop time marching on, but we can stop for a moment and enjoy our time.

“deep summer is when laziness finds respectability”

Osteospermum Outdoor Cushion featured in ‘Get the Chelsea Look’ article in June’s Woman&Home


Get the Chelsea look

Get the Chelsea look

Osteospermum Outdoor Cushion

I guess like a parent, I am unreservedly biased about the beauty of each an every cushion that appear in my ranges. Whether, it’s the Indoor Range or the Outdoor Range they all benefit from the exceptional macro photography of Susie LeBlond.

Therefore, it is really exciting to see your efforts being rewarded and your products being featured in national press.

As a new exhibitor, it was great testament to see Woman&Home choosing to highlight my Osteospermum Outdoor Cushion as one of the trends from this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

“Making choices isn’t always easy – but you always have a choice”

Eryngium Outdoor Cushion

Eryngium Outdoor Cushion

My Eryngium Outdoor Cushion appears in a Gardens Illustrated article ‘Get kitted out with great ideas from the Chelsea Flower Show’ in their May edition.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

As a new exhibitor at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show, I was excited to see the Eryngium Outdoor Cushion mentioned in this article. This is just one of many Outdoor Weather Resistant Cushions that I will be exhibiting at the show and I am using this opportunity to launch a specially designed ‘Poppy’ Outdoor Cushion in both standard and supersize.

Inspired by the poppies tribute by designer Phillip Johnson, I felt the ‘Poppy’ aligns with his display of thousands of handmade poppies, which can be seen in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

As a new business to have been successfully chosen, within my first year, to have a stand at this most prestigious  flower show is such an honour. It makes it even more special that my partner Nic Howard, is also at this years show having designed the garden for sculptor David Harber. I’m not saying that we are deep in competition to see which stand gets judged better – we are in completely different categories – but……..

“Competition is a good thing, it forces us to do our best”


As gardeners get ready prepping beds and working to get their gardens ready for the summer, I am doing the same at Botanical Cushions.

In the Garden

This month, here are some suggestions on what you should be doing to prep for the Summer:

  • Dig in compost to prepare your beds for the growing season
  • Feed hungry shrubs and roses
  • Attend to your lawn, by sowing new or repairing bare patches
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses
  • Deadhead any daffodils and tulips, remember to leave the foliage
  • Top up raised beds and containers with compost

Summer prep for Botanical Cushions

Summer jobs for me is about getting ready for the various shows that I will be exhibiting at this year. If you are attending any of these great shows, please pop by and say hello.

This year I have secured stands at:

Weald of Kent Craft and Design Show -Penshurst Place, Tonbridge 30th April-2nd May  Stand J19

Wealden Times Midsummer Fair – Hole Park, Rolvenden 9th-11th June

RHS Chelsea – Royal Hospital Chelsea, London 24th-28th May Stand EA455

GROW London – Hampstead Heath, London 24th-26th June Stand K7

Press Update

I never cease to get excited when a magazine copy drops through my door, highlighting an article that I have been mentioned in. Better still, when you receive a message through social media that someone has spotted your cushions in the press.

Homes&Gardens May 2016

Osteospermum Outdoor Cushion featured

Wealden Times April 2016

Protea and Protea Leaf Outdoor Cushion featured

This month I received my pre copy of Wealden Times highlighting my mention under ‘New this Month’.

After receiving a message via Twitter I ran out to grab the newest copy of Homes & Gardens to see Botanical Cushions mentioned in the article ‘RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016, Take-Home Favourites’


“without promotion something terrible happens – NOTHING!!!”

November has been a strange old month so far. Christmas adverts being released (John Lewis – Christmas 2015), magazines turning their attention to Christmas gift ideas and this month I am having to think about getting ready for Summer 2016.

I find it extremely challenging being both ‘in the now’ and also being focussed on the ‘future’, but with challenge undoubtedly comes exhilaration and motivation. This is the busy part of business that makes me glad that I run my own company.

Thinking about Christmas

This month many magazines started hitting the shops full of great ideas for Christmas and for gifts.

Town & Country Winter 2015 edition is no exception. I was pleased to have picked up their newest copy and see my advert featured.

Town & Country Winter 2015

Town & Country Winter 2015

Town & Country Advertisement

Town & Country Advertisement

This edition is full of exciting articles, ideas for gifts and also mentions the great work of The Landmark Trust. There is a small feature which mentions Belmont in Lyme Regis, as featured in the C4 programme, Restoring Britain’s Landmarks.

We are so looking forward to investigating and staying in some of their exciting buildings in the near future.

Getting ready for Summer 2016

Also this month, while dealing with arrival of Christmas, I was lucky enough to hear good news on two new opportunities.

Firstly, having had my application accepted by RHS to have a trade stand on Eastern Avenue, I will now be making my debut at this years Chelsea Flower Show (24th – 28th May 2016).

Secondly, after such a successful time at GROW London last year – my application to trade again (24th – 26th June 2016) has been accepted, so I get to make another visit to this wonderful contemporary garden fair.

In the meantime, busy sourcing new fabric, having my outdoor range of cushions updated, new images photographed and my website adapted too. I am amazed at the amount of things to do, however, must take heed of the wise words below:

“In the midst of a busy life don’t forget to live.”
Marty Rubin


Leucadendron cushion

Leucadendron cushion featured in TEG

Both sides

Showing both sides of the Leucadendron cushion

Leucadendron cushion featured in October’s edition of The English Garden

So pleased to see under News & Events in October’s  The English Garden Magazine mention of my cushions under the title ‘The art of comfort’

Leucadendron argenteum, also know as Silver Tree is an endangered species in the family of Proteacaeae and is a protected tree in South Africa. The reverse of this cushion features the Felicia amelloides, also known as the Blue Daisy and is a South African perennial.

From the indoor range this 100% cotton drill cushion with duck feather filled pad adds comfort and colour to any interior.