Close up of my cushions

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Lots of media attention and catching a peek of a close up of my cushions.

The main focus has been due to the inclusion of my double sided weather resistant outdoor cushions at RHS Chelsea 2017.

Manoj Malde from Couture Gardens designed a beautiful Silver Gilt winning garden for the Fresh category at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Entitled ‘Beneath a Mexican Sky’ this vibrant, outstanding garden was one of the highlights of the show.

Watch this short video clip from the BBC coverage of the show. Hear Manoj explain his thoughts behind the design.

Beneath a Mexican Sky – video


Cushions featured –


Pink Camellia (back)

Pink Osteospermum

Pink Osteospermum (front)

Orange Aloe ferox

Orange Aloe ferox (front)


Purple Lotus (back)

On the Sunday before Press Day I was privileged to be able to see this garden. So excited to eventually see this design and drawing become an outstanding show garden. Admitidley I was a little emotional at seeing my cushions adorning the seat on the garden. It is incredibly incredibly exciting every time I catch a close up of my cushions on the television or in newspaper or magazine. Receiving such positive feedback helps in surviving this difficult journey of launching from scratch, a new business.

It has been and will remain an incredible journey but in the words of Norma Desmond…

“Alright Mr Demille, I’m ready for my close up”

Gloria Swanson – Sunset Boulevard

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