Getting ready for Summer 2016

November has been a strange old month so far. Christmas adverts being released (John Lewis – Christmas 2015), magazines turning their attention to Christmas gift ideas and this month I am having to think about getting ready for Summer 2016.

I find it extremely challenging being both ‘in the now’ and also being focussed on the ‘future’, but with challenge undoubtedly comes exhilaration and motivation. This is the busy part of business that makes me glad that I run my own company.

Thinking about Christmas

This month many magazines started hitting the shops full of great ideas for Christmas and for gifts.

Town & Country Winter 2015 edition is no exception. I was pleased to have picked up their newest copy and see my advert featured.

Town & Country Winter 2015

Town & Country Winter 2015

Town & Country Advertisement

Town & Country Advertisement

This edition is full of exciting articles, ideas for gifts and also mentions the great work of The Landmark Trust. There is a small feature which mentions Belmont in Lyme Regis, as featured in the C4 programme, Restoring Britain’s Landmarks.

We are so looking forward to investigating and staying in some of their exciting buildings in the near future.

Getting ready for Summer 2016

Also this month, while dealing with arrival of Christmas, I was lucky enough to hear good news on two new opportunities.

Firstly, having had my application accepted by RHS to have a trade stand on Eastern Avenue, I will now be making my debut at this years Chelsea Flower Show (24th – 28th May 2016).

Secondly, after such a successful time at GROW London last year – my application to trade again (24th – 26th June 2016) has been accepted, so I get to make another visit to this wonderful contemporary garden fair.

In the meantime, busy sourcing new fabric, having my outdoor range of cushions updated, new images photographed and my website adapted too. I am amazed at the amount of things to do, however, must take heed of the wise words below:

“In the midst of a busy life don’t forget to live.”
Marty Rubin


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