July Summer Press

Outdoor cushions featured in July press

July Summer Press - Wealden Times

Protea and Protea Leaf

July Summer Press - Good Housekeeping

Osteospermum & Paeonia

July Summer Press kicks off start to summer.

It’s a strange old world we live in when time appears to fly through so quickly. Summer magazines have started to appear and the weather has slightly improved. Yet, we have already celebrated Midsummer Day.

I’m counting down to my summer holidays, yet my phone is apparently counting down to Christmas (apparently only 177 days as I write this).

Like most people, I have survived the wet June. Watching Wimbledon now says ‘summer’ and looking forward to lazing and spending time in the garden.

Of course, of all the things to be looking forward to this summer, the release of the new Absolutely Fabulous Movie, is high on my list. Loved this teaser clip and hope that the movie lives up to it.

There is so much going on all around us at the moment, politically and economically it’s good to be able to isolate yourself for a little time. Don’t be afraid to disappear for a moment. Read your favourite magazine, watch a feel good movie, sit amongst the beauty of your garden. Whatever, just enjoy the moment for how ever long you can. We cannot stop time marching on, but we can stop for a moment and enjoy our time.

“deep summer is when laziness finds respectability”

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