.White Agapanthus Double Sided Cushion

White Agapanthus
Cut-out White Agapanthus back

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Our Agapanthus praecox double sided Outdoor Cushion, with a different image on either side, is available in standard, 42x42cm – made from the very finest weather resistant fabric. All our outdoor cushion covers are made from 100% waterproof polyfibre. We use the finest hollow fibre inner pads for maximum comfort.

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White Agapanthus praecox and Agave attenuata

Agapanthus praecox native of Natal and Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Local names include agapant, blouleilie and ubani. Widely planted in some areas, considered a weed and planting has ceased. Name derives from scientific Greek ‘agape’ meaning love and ‘anthos’ meaning flower.

Agave attenuata a species of Agave known as Lion’s Tail, Swan’s Neck or Foxtail, due to its development of a curved stem. This plant prefers moist, loamy soil;  but can also cope in dryer conditions with poor soil.

click here to be directed to the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) website for even more horticultural information.

Digitally printed onto a 100% waterproof fabric. The weather resistance of the material allows these cushions to withstand outdoor life. However, with a softness of touch, making them suitable also for indoor use.

With most styles having a complimentary image both front and back, you can quickly change the look and feel of your indoor or outdoor seating area. Mix and match the styles to add a dynamic shot of colour to your seats.

Cushions will withstand light showers or being left outdoors overnight. Do not leave them outside for prolonged periods of time, or completely saturate the fabric. If they do become excessively wet, remove the hollow fibre pad and thoroughly dry. The pad will withstand a short period in a tumble drier to dry out the fabric. Follow the simple care instructions for the cushion cover to maintain the brightness and vibrancy of the image.

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