Spring forward

20th March 2015 may herald the start of Spring but it’s on the 29th March at 01.00am that we adjust our clocks by moving one hour forward to take advantage of the daylight saving. But why?

First we need to decide if we are moving them forward or just putting them back to where they were before we moved them back.  Some say that it all started during WW1 when clocks were put back to allow farmers earlier daylight hours for milking, some to increase the length of day as we enjoyed lighter nights due to tilt of the earth’s axis.  Some attribute it to Benjamin Franklin, who as American Envoy to France suggested the French rose earlier to economise on using candles and made the most of the natural daylight.

Whatever the reason, for me it simply signifies that summer is coming!!

Time to watch the garden re-invent itself, transform and tempt me out once again to enjoy its splendour.

Whatever the reason, don’t forget to ‘spring forward’ this year.

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